Asia Pacific Open Championship

FIRST LEGO League Challenge & FIRST Tech Challenge

Event Information for Teams



4, 5, 6, 7 July 2024: FIRST LEGO League Challenge MASTERPIECE!
In Person Event

This event will be physical and held in person. Spectators and guests are welcome!

Event Contact:

Location: Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

Registration for 2024 APOC FIRST LEGO League Challenge MASTERPIECE is open late this year. Participation is invite only; please contact your FIRST LEGO League official region partner for further details.

FIRST Tech Challenge

11, 12, 13, 14 July 2024FIRST Tech Challenge CENTERSTAGE Presented by RTX!
In Person Event

The FTC APOC 2024 RSVP form is available from November 1st (CLICK HERE)

Starting November 1st, the FIRST Tech Challenge Asia Pacific Open Championship 2024 is taking RSVP applications from all FTC teams around the world, meeting the following criteria:  

  • All officially FIRST registered teams for the POWERPLAY season are eligible to participate.  
  • Registration is based on “RSVP order of receipt”.  
  • 48 teams maximum can be accommodated for this event. 
  • Teams who RSVP late, after the 48 team cut-off, will be on a waiting list in order of RSVP.  
  • RSVP’d teams (up to 48) will receive an official registration and payment link in early to mid-February 2024 to finalise participation.  

Location Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.
Details/Dates 11-14 July, 2024

Cost $300** per person AUD (inclusive of GST). Includes four meals during the event, event gift pack and activities. Team students and at least one mentor/coach must register.  Paid registration is also open to parents and siblings travelling who wish to participate in the event activities, gift pack and meals.  ** This may be subject to change as the registration window approaches

Event Contact:


Below are some suggestions and recommendations for accommodation for teams that will be attending the Asia Pacific Open Championships.  We strongly suggest that teams book early.  

  • Nearby hotels:
    • Mercure, Macquarie Park (CLICK HERE) – Directly on Macquarie University campus, 10 minute walk to venue
    • Meriton Suites, North Ryde (CLICK HERE) – Across the street from shopping centre, 15 minute walk to venue
    • Holiday Inn Express, North Ryde (CLICK HERE) – Down the road from shopping centre, 20 minute walk to venue
    • Courtyard by Marriott, North Ryde (CLICK HERE) – Across the street from McDonald’s, Subway, KFC, 30 minute walk to venue
  • Budget hotels:
    • ibis Hotel, Thornleigh (CLICK HERE) – 20 minute drive to venue, located near train station and grocery store
    • Ascot Motor Inn, Wahroonga (CLICK HERE) – 20 minute drive to venue, pool and restaurant
    • Seranin Motel, Gordon (CLICK HERE) – 15 minute drive to venue, offer group bookings
  • Robert Menzies College, Macquarie Park (CLICK HERE) – Robert Menzies College is a student dorm that offers short-stay accommodation and group discounts, 10 minute walk to venue
  • Macquarie University Village, Macquarie Park (CLICK HERE) – MQ village is student accommodation that offers short-stays, 10 minute walk to venue



If you are not renting cars, there are many options for public transport in the area.  Please note, for all public transport, you will need an Opal card.  See below for details.

  • Parking:  A link will be emailed to attendees to register for free parking.
  • Opal Card information (CLICK HERE) – you have the option to get a physical Opal card, or tap-pay from your phone
  • Transport NSW (CLICK HERE) – Transport NSW has a ‘trip planner’ which will map out a route via public transport for you; on this website there are also route maps for buses and trains
  • Macquarie University Metro Station (CLICK HERE) – Across the street from shopping centre, 10 minute walk from venue
  • Taxi Rank, Macquarie Shopping Centre (CLICK HERE) – There is a taxi stop located at the bus interchange at the Macquarie Shopping Centre if you are looking for more direct and private transport
  • Uber (CLICK HERE) – Uber is an alternative to taxis that can be called via the Uber app



On competition days, some meals will be provided, however, plan to organise your own extra food for throughout the competition.

  • Macquarie Shopping Centre (CLICK HERE) – Macquarie Shopping Centre offers a food court and many sit-down dining options as well as grocery stores, 13 minute walk to venue
  • Macquarie University Hub (CLICK HERE) – Located at venue, takeaway food options; please note that it is possible that not all of the listed food options will be open as it will be university holidays during the event
  • Eden Park Centre (CLICK HERE) – Multiple food chains like McDonalds, KFC and Subway, 10 minute drive to venue
  • Woolworth’s Marsfield (CLICK HERE) – Additional grocery store to Macquarie Shopping Centre

Consent Forms:

*One FIRST consent & one MQU consent per paid attendee are to be uploaded to each team’s private Google folder link, along with any materials the team wishes to share with judges.

FIRST Consent and Release Form