Welcome FIRST LEGO League Challenge & Explore event Hosts, Volunteer Coordinators, Head Judges & Head Referees to . . . . . FIRST LEGO League In A Box!  All resources required to run a qualifying event in Australia will be located on this private link via the FIRST Australia website.  Please do not share this link with anyone other than the:  Qualifying Event Tournament Manager(s), Head Judge, Head Referee & Volunteer Coordinator for your event.  Thanks!

In Australia, the following volunteers & staff are the national advisors to the program in each area.  Please feel free to reach out as the season progresses OR on the day should you have any issues:

IMPORTANT!  Due to COVID-19 lock down/restrictions that will vary among states and territories, FIRST Australia has established a process for "remote events".  Training will be conducted for all event partners and updates around these procedures will be forthcoming.


  • Submit your 2020 FLL Challenge Head Judge & Head Referee details as soon as possible:
    CLICK HERE (Google Form)
  • Shipping of Supplies?  Please complete this form for shipment of competition Challenge kits & trophies ASAP. CLICK HERE
  • SURVEY Remote vs Physical Events:  Please complete as soon as possible.  CLICK HERE *posted 26.8.20
  • RE-BRAND 2020:  Please make sure your events are re-branded with the correct logos for FIRST LEGO League:  Challenge, Explore, Discover.  You can find all logos for download, and branding requirements, here:  https://www.firstinspires.org/brand 
  • Full Judge Training, 20 October 2020:  Mandatory for all Judge Advisors & Judges (Zoom link via calendar link to the submissions via the Google form - above)
  • Full Referee Training, 21 October 2020:  Mandatory training for all Head Referees & Referees (Zoom link via calendar link to the submissions via the Google form - above)
  • 2020 RePLAY Public Resources:  https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/fll/challenge/challenge-and-resources


Event Management


FLL Challenge Qualifying Event Scheduler

Judge Training Resources:
*updates coming as resources are released by FIRST


Referee Training Materials


Resource Link
Feedback - issues, feature requests, etc. Email first.australia@mq.edu.au 
FIRST consent form https://firstaustralia.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/17-1396-FIRST-USA-Consent-and-Release-Form.pdf
MQ photo form - adult https://firstaustralia.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/17-1396-Macquarie-Consent-Adult-FIRST-Robotics-Release-and-Photo-Consent.pdf
MQ photo form - child https://firstaustralia.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/17-1396-Macquarie-Consent-Child-FIRST-Robotics-Release-and-Photo-Consent.pdf
Award soundboard https://westling.io/award-soundboard
Scoring system https://www.fll-tools.com/software/
FIRST Music playlists https://www.firstmusicdjs.com/
Launch video
RePLAY video for events
Spectator Edit
Role Descriptions https://www.firstinspires.org/sites/default/files/uploads/resource_library/volunteer/first-lego-league-volunteer-role-descriptions.pdf
Volunteer Overview - On The Day https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f0ROVIFif4vTQy1PymosUDsqASaPGHgLaX6m4V4FeFM/edit?usp=sharing 
Awards *Only smaller events, with 19 or less teams will use consolidated.  
Awards List & Advancement Per Event https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QwY8rBem6Gppwi6-KhaER_x8GVIXiKpK--ZCc39k-s8/edit?usp=sharing 
Trophy Building Instructions Build SMALL       Build MEDIUM   Build LARGE
Weekend Overall Schedule Schedule Weekend Regional City Shaper 2019   *This sample will be update for 2020.  Timings are the same; logos will change.
Weekday Overall Schedule Weekday Schedule Sample 2019 City Shaper  *This sample will be update for 2020.  Timings are the same; logos will change.
Opening Ceremony Script RePLAY 2020 Coming Soon
Season Team & Event Resources Online   *These are accessible by teams online.  
Building Instructions https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/fll/challenge/challenge-and-resources
Challenge Doc https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/fll/challenge/challenge-and-resources
Challenge Updates https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/fll/challenge/challenge-and-resources
Scoresheet https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/fll/challenge/challenge-and-resources
Judging Rubrics https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/fll/challenge/challenge-and-resources
Table Overview https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/fll/challenge/challenge-and-resources