FIRST® Australia relies on and greatly appreciates volunteers in all our programs.
Volunteers are always wanted at competition events around Australia, and there’s many roles to be filled:  Judges, Referees, Judge’s Assistants, Pit Administrator, DJ’s and many more!                                                                                                          CurrentVolunteer Opportunities

Note that:

FLL events are currently run in NSW, QLD, VIC, WA and SA.

FTC events are currently run in NSW and QLD.

FRC events are currently run only in Sydney, NSW.

FIRST Australia is currently operated by Macquarie University in Sydney, NSW.

For further information, or to find out how to volunteer your time, please contact us.  If you wish to be notified of upcoming volunteer opportunities, please subscribe to our Volunteer mailing list below.

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Mentor/Support an Team

All FIRST teams require continual support from dedicated mentors and supporters.

A big part of the experience that FIRST students take away from the programs is the chance to work with mentors who donate their time, skills and experience. These mentors can be professional engineers, university or school teachers, or just parents.

Teaching students through FIRST mentorship is both fun and rewarding, and is well worth the time commitment.

FIRST mentors don’t have to have technical experience or skills. Students also need to learn public speaking and collaboration, research and presentation, organisation and critical thinking skills. Even such skills as video editing, business analysis, marketing and animation have an important place in FIRST. New mentors can also go to FIRST Step on YouTube to get quality advice from veteran mentors.

For further information, questions about mentoring, or to get in touch with a team near you, please contact us.