FIRST  LEGO League “Practice” Kits


  • What is a practice kit?   FIRST LEGO League :  Challenge, Explore & Discover  “practice kits” are actually previous season, themed program kits that are available for purchase at a discounted rate.  They are handy to introduce teams to the program during Terms 1 & 2 in Australia before the new season/game releases each August.
  • What is the timeline for availability of a “practice kit”?  A new, themed season releases each year on 1 August.  To get a new season kit,  teams must officially via the FIRST Dashboard registration portal and participate actively in the season. However, in January of the year following the season launch, any kits that are remaining in the warehouse are added to the “Practice Kit ” order portal at a discounted rate.  Stocks available only while supplies last.
  • Pickup or Shipment?  Orders may picked up in person from Macquarie University (50 Waterloo Rd, Macquarie Park) or shipped via TNT.   Pickup must be organised with and are generally available Monday through Friday, 10 am – 3 pm.  Availability of the pickup option may be affected by university closures (i.e. COVID-19) and availability of staff.
  • How can I pay?  Macquarie University has transitioned to an electronic payment and order system (debit/credit card only).   Follow the link with instructions below and reach out if you have any questions (

The following Challenge (ages 9 – 16), Explore (ages 6 – 10)  Discover (ages 4 -6 ) previous season kits are currently available for purchase:


  • 2017 Hydro Dynamics Challenge Kit $150 + Shipping + GST *ages 9-16
  • 2018 Into Orbit Challenge Kit $200 + Shipping + GST  *ages 9-16
  • 2019 Boomtown Build Explore Kit $50 + Shipping + GST *ages 6-10
  • 2019 Boomtown Build Discover Kit $50 + GOST + Shipping *ages 4-6
  • 2019 City Shaper Challenge Kit $200 + Shipping + GST
  • 2020 Playmakers Discover Kit $50 + GOST + Shipping *ages 4-6
  • 2020 Playmakers Explore Kit $50 + Shipping + GST*ages 6-10

Each kit comes with digital PDFs – Engineering Notebook & Team Meeting Guide.  These documents will be emailed to you for download after shipment of your kit(s). 

What comes in each kit?

  • Challenge kits (ages 9 -16) contain the competition table mat and all of the LEGO (individually bagged and numbered) to build the mission models.  This set is meant to be used with LEGO SPIKE Prime (or EV3).
  • Explore kits (ages 6-10) contain LEGO parts only, used in the building of the season model(s).  Competition mats are not used in Explore.  This set is meant to be used with LEGO WeDo. 
  • Discover kits (ages 4-6) contain LEGO DUPLO, for use with the LEGO Education STEAM Park set. 

Where are the instructions for building/working with Challenge & Explore kits?
CLICK HERE for to access building instructions for FIRST LEGO League Challenge.  You will need to search for the “challenge year” via that link. 
For FIRST LEGO League Explore, click here for past challenge documents.