2021 Season:
LEGO League & FIRST Tech Challenge


Pre-registration for the FIRST LEGO League 2021 season will launch Wednesday, 3 March in Australia via the FIRST Australia Dashboard.  Pre-registration ends 10 April 2021.


  • guarantees an unlimited number of teams and Challenge, Explore or Discover sets
  • invitation for coaches to attend the remote 2021 FIRST LEGO League Conference (Sat. 19 June)
  • locked in 2020 pricing

Registrations after 10 April will be limited to 1 kit, with maximum 2 teams until supplies are exhausted.

What to you need to get started:
  1.    School, Organisation or Business ABN (if applicable)
  2.    Credit or Debit Card to complete team registration (OR Purchase Order)
  3.    Shipping Address & Contact Details
  4.    Billing Address & Contact Details
  5.    Coach Details & Contact Information
  6.    Name of Each Team (if you do not have this, it can be updated at a later date)

Registration Steps

  1.  Access the FIRST Australia DashboardCLICK HERE
  2.  Create & activate your account.
  3.  Create Team(s)
  4.  Make sure the number of kits/sets required is correct
  5.  Add shipping details
  6.  Submit Payment
  • Events will not be available for enrollment until mid-March
  • If your school in interested in running an FLL Challenge regional qualifying event or Explore Expo, please reach out to first.australia@mq.edu.au
  • Scroll down this page & locate the program logo for IMPORTANT specifics for team registration.
  • Review the FAQ’s for known issues to reduce wait times for response to questions.

  • Account Creation/Access?
    All coaches will need to create a new account.  Based on feedback from the 2020 dashboard launch, the system was overhauled with improvements including fixes to account activation and password resets.

  • Engineering Notebooks, Team Meeting Guides & Thinkscape resources are not public resources.  These documents will be available for download by registered teams only via the FIRST Australia Dashboard.  After the season launches on 1 August, coaches may log into the FIRST Australia Dashboard to download these resources.
  • Terms & Conditions (T's & C's):  Available in the dashboard registration system. You must confirm that you read, understood & agree to the T’s & C’s in order to complete the registration process.
  • Link to Dashboard Not Working? 
    Again, some school network firewalls block access to site. Please use an off-school network or personal device to register.
  • Shipments? 
    When your kit ships for FIRST LEGO League Programs, you will see a TNT consignment posted to your Dashboard. You will also be sent an email to the address on the account.  Sets/Kits will not ship until late-July. 
  • Changes to Registrations? 
    You may now make changes to registration via the FIRST Australia Dashboard (adding a team per the requirements, name changes, moving events).  Please note changes will only be allowed up to 2 weeks prior to the event for which you are registered – this includes TEAM NAME changes.  Organisers finalise details & begin printing up two weeks prior.  Changes made after this deadline are not guaranteed to be active at the event.
  • FRC Team?  The FIRST Australia Dashboard is for all FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge teams, as well as volunteer registration.  FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) teams must register via the international FIRST Inspires portal.  For details, visit the (FRC) FIRST Robotics Competition (ages 14-18) program link under the “Programs” menu at the top of this page.

Questions?  Contact first.australia@mq.edu.au

Ages 9 -16

  • 2021 Challenge, Updates & Resources (Public Resources):  *currently the link below holds the repository of RePLAY 2020 which will update by 1 August 2021 for the new season
    Click Here
  • These are pre-registration prices for FIRST LEGO League CHALLENGE and may be increased after pre-registration concludes in mid-April:
    •  AUD$475 for one team with one game kit + shipping + GST
    •  AUD$575 for two teams sharing one game kit + shipping + GST
    • AUD$950 for two teams and two kits + shipping + GST

    A maximum of 2 teams may share the registration of a Challenge kit.  

Ages 6-10

  • Expos:  Are not required for participation and may not be available in all areas.
  • 2020 Playmakers Challenge, Updates & Resources (Public Access):
    Click Here
  • These are pre-registration prices for FIRST LEGO League EXPLORE and may be increased after pre-registration concludes in mid-April:
    •  AUD$75 for one team (includes one Explore set) + shipping + GST

Ages 4-6

  • Register a Team:  To receive an set.  This is a school, home or organisational only based activity in Australia.  There are no events to attend.
  • These are pre-registration prices for FIRST LEGO League DISCOVER and may be increased after pre-registration concludes in mid-April:
    •  AUD$75 for one team (includes one Discover set) + shipping + GST

Ages 14-18

4 Qualifying Events will be held nationally in WA, SA, QLD & NSW.

Due to COVID-19, there is a possibility any or all events will be “remote” or a hybrid of “remote/in person” for 2021.  FIRST headquarters has built a remote platform for global competitions and further details will be posted as they come available.  Teams should be prepared for either scenario – but the season will run as scheduled.

  • All teams must register to compete in one qualifying event in order to qualify for the National Championship.

To Register:

  • Step One: CLICK HERE
    *First time teams only. If you already have a team number, skip to Step Two. 

    Register via the official FIRST FTC portal for a team number &  to place any PITSCO orders through the FIRST Storefront.
  • Step Two:  CLICK HERE
    Register for a qualifying event via the FIRST Australia Dashboard