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FRC Volunteer Coordinator:
Susanna Westling

FLL & FLL Junior Volunteer Coordinators:
Adrian & Janine Polhill

FTC Volunteer Coordinator:
FIRST Australia Staff

Translators for international events in Australia needed!
Please contact Crystal Huo for more information.


Event Volunteer Role Descriptions



FIRST Tech Challenge

FIRST Robotics Competition

FIRST Policies and Procedures

FIRST Volunteer Code of Conduct

FIRST Volunteer Bill of Rights

FIRST Volunteer Customer Service Training

Working With Children

FIRST Volunteers should complete a "Working With Children" clearance  - which is available FREE of charge for volunteers in most states & territories (see exceptions by links below).  Please visit the appropriate state link below to apply for your Working With Children Check prior to volunteering at an event.   You will be asked to provide your government issued clearance ID number when registering in the FIRST Australia Volunteer system.   Thank you for your cooperation and helping to ensure the safety of children participating in FIRST!

Unconscious Bias Training

At FIRST Australia we are committed to making our events and programs exciting, engaging, inclusive and welcoming for everyone. At all events, we will have a very diverse group of participants and we want to ensure they have a fantastic experience and feel welcome and included in everything that we do. To help us make this the best event it can be for everyone attending we want to shine a light on unconscious bias and help us be the best we can be in our volunteering.

Help us to make FIRST events awesome and inclusive for everyone!

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2019-20 FIRST® Australia Season

*Please note:  The minimum age for general volunteers is 14.
Some roles require university age or higher.
Exception is FRC event volunteers who must be age 16 or older.

FIRST Robotics Competition Infinite Recharge 2020 Season Volunteers

NOTICE:  The 2020 FRC Southern Cross & South Pacific Regionals have been postponed due to COVID-19. 

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator: volunteers@ausfirst.org 


FIRST LEGO League City Shaper 2019-20 Season Volunteers

Volunteers needed in all roles including:   *See left hand side bar for link to Full Roles/Descriptions

  • Referees
  • Judges
  • Scorekeepers
  • Queuers
  • Set Up/Bump In & Out Crews

May 2020 Rookie Events

CLICK HERE to register for any of the rookie events below.

  • 30 May - Sydney at Macquarie University
  • 22 May - Melbourne at KIOSC Swinburne
  • 29 May - Brisbane at Grace Lutheran College
  • 28 May - Perth at Curtin University
  • 30 May - Hobart at TBA

2020 Asia Pacific Open Championship/Macquarie University

  • Set Up/Bump In:  2 July 2020
  • Competition Dates:  3, 4, 5 July
  • Schedule Coming Soon
  • Volunteer Registration CLICK HERE

2020-21 Volunteer Dates

  • Australian Qualifying Events & Dates: Announced May 2020
  • National Championship – South in Melbourne onTBA 2020
  • National Championship – West in Perth on TBA 2020
  • National Championship – East in Sydney on TBA 2020
  • National Championship – North in Brisbane on TBA 2020 

2020-21 Registration Forms *All events, one form per region.

  • Western Australia:  Coming Soon
  • Northern Territory:  Coming Soon
  • New South Wales:  Coming Soon
  • Queensland: Coming Soon
  • Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia:  Coming Soon

2020-21 Training   *Email first.australia@mq.edu.au to be added to calendar invite.  

  • REFEREES:  Live Broadcast (6 pm - 9 pm EST) from Sydney TBA
  • JUDGES: Live Broadcast (6 pm - 9 pm EST) from Sydney TBA

Please reach out to first.australia@mq.edu.au for more information on FLL & volunteering.

FIRST Tech Challenge 2020-21 Season Volunteers

Volunteers needed in all roles including:  *See left hand side bar for link to Full Roles/Descriptions

  • Referees
  • Judges
  • Scorekeepers
  • Queuers
  • Set Up/Bump In & Out Crews

FIRST Tech Challenge Events, Dates, Contacts

Volunteer Registration

  • One Form for All Currently Scheduled Qualifying Events & National Championship:  Coming Soon!

Please reach out to first.austaralia@mq.edu.au for more information on FTC & volunteering.

FIRST LEGO League Junior Boomtown Build 2019-20 Volunteers

FIRST LEGO League Junior Expos are held around Australia for ages 6 - 10.  These expos are not competitions but rather an opportunity for students to showcase their project learning. Volunteers are also needed for these expos, and there are a range of roles including "Reviewers".  You can read more about volunteer roles at Expos here:  CLICK!

If you wish to volunteer for an expo, please reach out to the organisers directly.  Use this list of expos and contacts to participate in an Australian Expo near you:  CLICK!