The 2023 season is FIRST ENERGIZE

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The 2023 FRC Southern Cross Regional will be held at:

    WIN Sports & Entertainment Centres, Wollongong, NSW

March 10-12, 2023
Free Event
Open to the Public
Doors Open 8 am Each Day


Live stream for regional events can be found here.


  • Please:
    • Be patient - it does take time for us to check teams in
    • Use the loading dock, as shown in the attached map
    • Queue in an orderly fashion so that we don't block the roads
    • Bring a maximum of FIVE people to help with load in (see event rule E402)
    • Everyone else should use the MAIN ENTRANCE once the pits are open
    • Unload quickly and then remove your car from the loading dock area
    • Loading Dock Map



FREE!!!!!!!   Schools, general public & robot enthusiasts ALL welcome to watch the competition.
Tickets not required.

For those attending the competitions as a spectator (who will not be accessing the "pits" or "playing fields"), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is not required. Everyone else must comply with the PPE POLICY.


2023 Southern Cross Regional Agenda


WIN Sports & Entertainment Centres Wollongong



There are many options close to the venue. Please be aware there is another event in Wollongong that weekend, so book early. Please let hotels know that you are coming for the Robotics Competition.


All team members and mentors must be signed up via as described here:
In summary:
  • Mentors invites parents/guardians, who create an account for themselves
  • Parents/guardians sign up students under their care
  • Students can then apply to join a team or the mentor can invite team members via their team dashboard
No further forms are necessary, but all team members must be signed up officially.


There will be a food venue open in the arena. There are also food venues directly opposite and many restaurants and cafes within a short walking distance. No outside food is permitted in the arena.


The event will follow the guidance from NSW Health and Macquarie University at the time of the event. The current advice is "It is strongly recommended to wear a face mask in indoor public spaces and when you can’t physically distance from others".


PAID parking is available but not guaranteed. Please visit the venue's site for more info: Getting to the Venue | WIN Sports & Entertainment Centres ( Or check out the public transportation options to avoid parking fees.

PPE POLICY (Person Protective Equipment)

For those attending the competitions as a spectator (who will not be accessing the "pits" or "playing fields") - PPE is not required.

For ANY person entering the "PITS" or "playing field area", PPE MUST BE WORN.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  PPE for the Southern Cross & South Pacific regionals are identified as "safety goggles" & "closed-toe footwear".  All persons must be wearing safety glasses (for those with prescription eye wear, side shields or "over the glasses safety goggles"must be worn at all times) in order to gain access to the pits or playing field areas.  All persons must be wearing closed-toe foot wear in order to gain access to pits and playing fields.

PPE will NOT BE PROVIDED to teams and guests at the venue by the venue, FIRST Australia or Macquarie University.  Please be certain that your team and guests have access to PPE at all times prior to entering the event.  Otherwise, the venue/Macquarie University/FIRST staff and volunteers are authorized to refuse entry.


Getting to the Venue | WIN Sports & Entertainment Centres (


A risk assessment is available HERE.

PPE will not be provided by the venue, FIRST Australia or Macquarie University. Please bring sufficient for your team and any spectators visiting the pits.


We have plenty of volunteer opportunities - see Volunteer Opportunities


We are expecting some international teams at this year's Regional! All teams are waitlisted as they register - we have sufficient capacity to handle all of the teams that expressed interest.