NOTICE:  The current season has been suspended internationally due to COVID-19. 

    Quaycentre at Sydney Olympic Park

Free Events
Open to the Public
Doors Open 8 am Each Day


Live stream for both events can be found here.


  • Robot Drop Off 
  • Southern Cross
  • South Pacific
  • Quaycentre at Sydney Olympic Park Loading Dock
  • Teams are allowed 5 people ONLY during load in.
  • All teams members who are participating in load in MUST be wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) for entry.  This includes safety glasses (including those who wear prescription eye wear) adn closed-toe footwear.
FIRST Ladies Networking Breakfast
  • Southern Cross: TBA
  • South Pacific: TBA
  • Hall of Legends, Quaycentre at Sydney Olympic Park
  • Sponsored by GOOGLE
Required Forms
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*2020 Season Currently Suspended due to COVID-19

Quaycentre at Sydney Olympic Park (formerly the Sports Centre)


Deadline for Robot Shipping & Receipt by MQU:  Reminder, if you are sending your robot for drayage at MQU & transport by FIRST to the Quaycentre, we must receive your robot no later than TBA.  If you are shipping your robot, you MUST complete this form:  CLICK HERE.

PPE POLICY (Person Protective Equipment)
For those attending the competitions as a spectator (who will not be accessing the "pits" or "playing fields") - PPE is not required.

For ANY person entering the "PITS" or "playing field area", PPE MUST BE WORN.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  PPE for the Southern Cross & South Pacific regionals are identified as "safety goggles" & "closed-toe footwear".  All persons must be wearing safety glasses (for those with prescription eye wear, side shields or "over the glasses safety goggles"must be worn at all times) in order to gain access to the pits or playing field areas.  All persons must be wearing closed-toe foot wear in order to gain access to pits and playing fields.  PPE will NOT BE PROVIDED to teams and guests at the Quaycentre.  Please be certain your team and guests have access to PPE at all times prior to entering the event.  Otherwise, the Quaycentre/Macquarie Univeristy/FIRST staff and volunteers are authorized to refuse entry.     *Please see statement on Risk Assessment to the left hand side of this page.

FREE!!!!!!!   Schools, general public & robot enthusiasts ALL welcome to watch both or either competitions.
Tickets not required.

PAID parking is available but not guaranteed. Please visit the park's site for more info: - or check out public transportation options to avoid parking fees.

Sydney Olympic Park houses several hotels.  However, these tend to book early due to events in the park.  Hotel searches should include the surrounding suburbs of Parramatta, Ryde, Rhodes, & Strathfield.  You can also stay in Sydney's CBD (in the city) and take the train into Sydney Olympic Park.

Sydney Olympic Park is easily accessible by train with a station in the park and within close walking distance of the Quaycentre at Sydney Olympic Park where the competition is held.   Additionally, numerous bus services pass through Sydney Olympic Park. Connecting bus services to Strathfield Station and Parramatta Station operate on regular weekday and weekend timetables.

There are two food & snack outlets located in the Quaycentre, including coffees and sandwiches.

Teams may also pack a lunch from home, however NO TAKEAWAY/RESTAURANT purchased food may be brought into the venue (i.e. Maccas, Subway, etc.)

Teams may choose to pre-order/purchase lunch packs directly from Venues Live! Catering at Sydney Olympic Park.  Please contact:
Catering Operations Manager - Christopher Travanti-Jones:
T:   8765 2079